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What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup, also known as semi permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing, is the art of implanting pigment in the skin, to enhance facial features or mimic makeup. Once implanted into the skin, the pigment is permanent (unless removed with techniques such as laser or saline solution). Its semi-permanence comes from the fact that the colour fades over time, and further applications of pigment are required every 1-3 years to maintain colour vibrancy.

For the eyes and lips, a powered tool known as a permanent makeup device or a permanent makeup machine is used to implant the pigment. This has a similar feel to the vibrations of a tattooing machine, but the pigment is implanted less deeply into the skin than in a body tattoo.

For the eyebrows, a technique using a manual tool without power, known as microblading, can be used as well as the permanent makeup machine. Microblading produces a hair-like strokes but the technique is not suitable for all skin types. The permanent makeup device is versatile as it can produce hairstrokes and shading, giving more variety to different brow styles. Rachael will discuss the best options for you to achieve your desired final look.

Our Process


Pre-Treatment Care

Permanent Makeup Appointment


Please take advantage of a free consultation so we can find out more about you and answer any questions have, which may help you to decide whether permanent makeup is for you. We offer telephone/video and in-person consultations. Consultations are a must if you have had permanent makeup elsewhere previously as it may not always be possible to work over another artist's work.

You must be a minimum of 18 years old and not pregnant or breastfeeding. Some medical conditions do not allow for permanent makeup. Please check with your artist prior to booking an appointment. You must wait approximately 3 months after any surgical or non-surgical aesthetic treatments on the face before seeking a permanent makeup treatment. You are required to carry out a sensitivity test. Avoid caffeine and alcohol in the 48 hours prior to your appointment and expect healing times of up to 7-14 days.

The appointment will begin with 'mapping'. A substantial amount of time is taken to use measuring tools and pencils to draw the shape for your treatment area. Rachael ensures you are happy before proceeding with treatment. Together we also pick a colour best suited to your hair colour and skin tone. Now time to sit back and relax!

Depending on the treatment area, healing of the skin can take up to 2 weeks. During this time it is important to adhere to the aftercare advice, including refraining from swimming, heavy exercise, saunas and direct sunlight. Once the skin is healed, a waiting time of a further 4 weeks is necessary for the pigment to settle in the skin, before final results are seen. A second appointment may be advised to implant further pigment for best results.

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